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Itaolorun, Alade-Idanre, Ondo State, Nigeria

Office Annexe/Take Off Campus
Block AK, Plot 3, Afunbiowo Estate,
Idanre Road, Akure, Ondo State


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Brief History

WADAMTS POLYTECHNIC is situated on over ten hectares of land in the ancient town of Idanre in Ondo State, South West of Nigeria. The founder of this institution, Mr. Omobamidele Adegbamigbe is a businessman and philanthropist. He had his dream over 20 years ago and shared it with his wife Mrs. Adegbamigbe Odawayi Celestina. Behind every successful man there is always a woman, Mrs. Adegbamigbe believed in her husband's dream and they both worked towards its realization.  

Vision and Mission Statement

The vision/mission statement of WADAMTS Polytechnic Idanre shall be:

    -To develop and implement high quality education and training programmes capable of meeting the needs of the nation.
    -To be a great citadel of learning with the necessary materials (human and non-human) needed for producing competent and dynamic graduates with highly employable vocational skills.
    - To strive to produce the best in the world by consistently adding value to training through innovation, research and scholarship.

Aims and Objectives

To produce highly motivated and efficient graduates who can tap the resources in their environment for the good use of mankind. - To provide opportunities for prospective researchers and students who are willing to be educated and to train them to become future leaders in their respective fields of study. - To promote the spirit of enquiry and creativity. - To develop Idanre environs and the state in general educationally - To produce medium and high level manpower for the growth and development of Nigeria. - Offering to the general public without any discrimination, the opportunity of acquiring a higher educational standard. - To alleviate the problems of unemployment and illiteracy in the society. - To contribute to the technological transformation of Nigeria.


Wadamts Polytechnic is a private polytechnic approved by the Ondo State Ministry of Education and accreditation process by the National Board for Technical Education(NBTE) in Nigeria has reached top gear . Aside from NYSC eligibility, Wadamts graduates will be eligible to practice in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

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